All natural powder dries sweat and ocean water which reduces the stickiness of sand and dirt.

Soft brush bristles sweep the sand off you feet and get hard to reach spots like in between your toes.

Your car stays clean. Your feet are happy and fee silky smooth.

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Our brush is a all natural powder dispenser and soft bristle brush in one. When the bristles are flicked, a small amount of powder is released. The powder soaks up the moisture on our feet from sweat and ocean water while our soft bristles take care of the sand and dirt.


Towels can't handle wet sand and dirt

• No sweat means no stink

• Get in between toes and hard to reach areas

• Portable and durable shell with no leak locking

  • All Natural Corn Starch (20 grams)
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Durable Shell
  • No Leak Lock System
  • Vinyl Sticker Pack

We've teamed up with the Pure Water for the World Foundation!

Our mission is to bring clean water to places in need. Every purchase of an UMI Brush product helps spread clean water to areas in need. Pure Water for the World has live projects in Haiti and Honduras to spread clean water and sanitation awareness to fight completely preventable diseases in these impoverished areas.