We've teamed up with the Pure Water for the World Foundation!
CLEAN DRINKING WATER - Our mission is to bring clean water to places in need. Every purchase of an UMI Brush product helps spread clean water to areas in need. Pure Water for the World has live projects in Haiti and Honduras to spread clean water and sanitation awareness to fight completely preventable diseases in these impoverished areas.
  • A person can survive a month without food, but only 5 to 7 days without water.
  • Only 1% of Earth’s water is available for drinking water.
  • 748 million people in the world do not have access to an improved source of drinking water.
WATER CONSERVATIONUMI Brush is a great alternative to water based solutions that never work anyways. Rinse kits and beach showers keep you clean until your foot touches the ground again. In many places like California where droughts and water shortages are frequent, water conservation is key to preparing for our future. People know to cut back on water consumption when there’s a drought. But with more extreme weather, a growing population, and our water sources growing increasingly stretched, we need to make water conservation a way of life.
  • In LA county, about 2/3 of our water comes from outside sources via aqueducts that import water.
  • Virtually all modern products require water as they are produced.
  • In California, up to 80% of our water is used for agriculture.