Q: Is the brush refillable?
A: Yes, the brush is easily refillable with any choice of absorbent powder. We provide 20 grams of all natural corn starch in the box. Some options include corn starch, baby powder, arrowroot, and talcum powder. 
Q: How does the brush work?
A: The magic is in the powder. Moisture from sweat and the ocean is the reason sand and dirt stick to our feet so well. The corn starch soaks up moisture really well. 
Q: How much powder do I use?
A: We suggest using about 3 grams depending on how much powder you want to come out. The more powder in the compartment, the more that comes out. 
Q: How do I set up the brush?
A: The brush portion can be peeled off to allow access to the powder compartment. Pour some powder into the compartment and secure the brush back on top. Ready to go!
Q: Is this supposed to replace a towel?
A: We recommend using the brush right before getting in your car, tent, house, etc. The brush is best used to get the last layer of sand and dirt stuck to your feet. 90% of the sand and dirt that end up in your car, shower, and house is from that last layer of sand.
Q: What is your shipping and refund policy?
A: We have fast and free shipping on all orders in the United States. We have a 14 day money back guarantee if the item is defective or unsatisfactory in any way.